Me Made May – Week 2 Round Up

Two weeks in and going strong on this year’s Me Made May!

Mom on the go!

On the left is my Tiramisu that I think I never blogged and on the right is my Moneta/Washington Hack.

And really I wear these a lot, like to the zoo and walking the dog. I live my like in skirts and dresses and love it!

I like beverages!

On the left is my other Tiramisu. This was the first knit item I ever made for myself and it is still going strong. On the right is a Washi Dress I modified to have short sleeves.

And then I have these two ensembles. The left is another Washi Dress in Liberty Fabric worn with my favorite cardigan. Easily one of my favorite combinations to wear. On the right is a totally new outfit I’ll blog soon. Sadly the morning I tried to get Lu to take photos didn’t show the garments very well.

And well, one outfit is missing because I forgot to take a pictures, but I also wore my favorite cardigan on Saturday.

This weekend I went through my clothing and decided to either recycle or donate a few things. On the donate pile were both my attempts at the Emery dress. I’m ready to just be done with that pattern. Also donating my first Washington Dress. I like it, but never feel like wearing it. Plus a couple things that never made it to the blog, like a pair of too tight pajama pants and a Sailor Top I made in the wrong kind of fabric. I also took this opportunity to toss any commercially made clothing that didn’t fit well or had fabric wearing thin.

Then I pulled a few items I’ve made that don’t fit quite right that I want to use for the fabric. That includes my first two Appletons. I like them, but some of my alterations didn’t work like I wanted. It also includes both of my Monetas. The 4 dresses will make some great summer clothes for the kids or t-shirts for me. I also pulled aside my Lisette dress because I’ve been thinking of ways to re-work it.

Whew! It needed to be done and I was happy to be in the right mind set recently to let go of things!

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