Taking a Chance on Lisette

Not much to say lately as I’ve been toiling away working on fitting patterns made with woven fabric. And so far…the progress is not great.

This week I decided to try my hand at one of Liesl Gibson’s dress patterns from her Lisette line, B6168. Let’s just say it didn’t go well.

The first version I made was a size 12 with a full bust adjustment and a large bicep adjustment. I did this based on the finished measurements of the pattern. But it was too tight. I got it zipped, but it was too tight to breathe. I also made mistakes every single step of the way. Every make a mobius bodice? I did!

So then I moved onto a size 14 with a full bust adjustment and full bicep adjustment. This time in a linen blend for the top and a length of Loominious for the skirt.


And ugh! That gap in the front is terrible. I put a snap there to see if it will help, but nope! This is also after trying various things to get it to lay better. I think partly the fabric is too stiff. And that might get better with wear. The bodice also seems too long maybe? But above the bust? Perhaps.


I also put in a sway back adjustment which made the back fit a lot better! But the biggest pain are the sleeves. They are still so very tight. I always knew I have large upper arms, but it feels very sad to know you already made them bigger and they are still much too small.

My husband said I should do a sassy pose, but ugh! I feel anything but sassy in this.


So I think I’ll move onto another pattern for now. I need to try something with fewer pieces.


6 thoughts on “Taking a Chance on Lisette

  1. Ugh. I, too, know the sinking feeling of knowing I’ve spent hours and hours doing all the right adjustments for my shape only to have it still not fit right. Fabric wasted, time wasted. Huge bummer! I’m so sorry this one didn’t work out. You chose really pretty fabric and colors though.

    Thanks for sharing your not so great results. We’ve all been there and we all need a reminder know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. Better luck with the next one!


    • Thank you Jill! Trying to share the good and the bad. I’ve noticed a lot of people only share their successes, but really I’m sure everyone have flops too. And its a great way to learn from your sewing. Thanks for reading!


  2. Thanks for sharing, even though this isn’t the success you hoped for. But, as I said before, the. O!or combo is to die for, and I’d hate to see the skirt of this just sit. It’s just too special.


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