Beach Babies

Nothing like a wave of 110F+ weather to tell you it is officially summer! Until 2 weeks ago I’d never ever made a bathing suit. Now I’ve made 3!


Yep, we all match. I started with my bathing suit then had enough fabric left over to make each of my girls a suit too! No losing these two at the pool.

I wrote up a long post for the Curvy Sewing Collective all about my suit (It can be found here), so over here I’m going to talk about the kid suits and how my tankini has held up to real life.


Lu has pretty much asked to wear hers every single day. “It has a skirt momma!” A dream come true to for my girly girl. The pattern is the Sun n’ Fun Swimsuit and Leotard from Peekaboo Patterns. I’m still kind of mad at them for a shady deal at Quiltcon this year, but I put my anger aside because they had a ton of cute kids swimsuit options.


To add a skirt I roughly followed the tutorial from Sewlovele. I had SO MUCH FABRIC left from my swimsuit that cutting out a full circle skirt for each kid was no problem. In fact, I think the was Sewlovele constructs the pattern is better than the Peekaboo directions. It leaves a seam free finish to the inside that is much more comfortable to wear.


The fabric is probably this one from Michael Levine’s. I bought it in person so I’m not 100% sure. It is super drapey and lovely to wear. Though I did line all our suits in power mesh because that’s what I had on hand. For fun I used the reverse side for the main body of both kid bathing suits and the shiny side for the skirts and bow in the back. It’s hard to see both in pictures and in person, but still a detail that makes me happy.


The downside to lining the suits with power mesh is they aren’t as stretchy. Lu’s is a size 4T and Charlie’s is a size 18 months. Both kids are just growing into those sizes, but the bathing suits perfectly fit right now. I might need to make them each a new suit by the end of summer if they grow at all.


We all have worn out new bathing suits to the pool with great success. Then today we went to the beach to beat the heat and the suits held up well to the sun and the sand too!


Including mine. When I wrote my pattern review I was kind of sad I hadn’t made a bikini. I feel like this suit hides my waist (and smallest part). But then today wearing my tankini to the beach I was able to fully appreciate the coverage Lisette 6360 provides. Mostly that I didn’t need to sunscreen my very very pale midsection. I also felt really good walking the beach and not like I needed to hide my body. I don’t generally feel that way at the pool when I’m wrangling two kids, but a beach full of college co-eds is a different story.

Now I have  conquered making swimsuits I feel like I could sewing anything! What should I make next?



Taking a Chance on Lisette

Not much to say lately as I’ve been toiling away working on fitting patterns made with woven fabric. And so far…the progress is not great.

This week I decided to try my hand at one of Liesl Gibson’s dress patterns from her Lisette line, B6168. Let’s just say it didn’t go well.

The first version I made was a size 12 with a full bust adjustment and a large bicep adjustment. I did this based on the finished measurements of the pattern. But it was too tight. I got it zipped, but it was too tight to breathe. I also made mistakes every single step of the way. Every make a mobius bodice? I did!

So then I moved onto a size 14 with a full bust adjustment and full bicep adjustment. This time in a linen blend for the top and a length of Loominious for the skirt.


And ugh! That gap in the front is terrible. I put a snap there to see if it will help, but nope! This is also after trying various things to get it to lay better. I think partly the fabric is too stiff. And that might get better with wear. The bodice also seems too long maybe? But above the bust? Perhaps.


I also put in a sway back adjustment which made the back fit a lot better! But the biggest pain are the sleeves. They are still so very tight. I always knew I have large upper arms, but it feels very sad to know you already made them bigger and they are still much too small.

My husband said I should do a sassy pose, but ugh! I feel anything but sassy in this.


So I think I’ll move onto another pattern for now. I need to try something with fewer pieces.