So This Is Love Sweater

I’ve been finishing up a lot of lingering projects lately, but this is my favorite. My husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage in June, so I cast on a sweater the same color as my dress.


And I think you’ll agree the sweater is a fitting homage.


I had a lot of fun knitting it. This sweater went beer tasting on our vacation.


And to see a concert performed by a few hundred french horn players.


And for more beer. I guess you could say this sweater is brought to you by beer. But my husband is a home brewer and we went to Belgium on our honeymoon so bar knitting is fitting.


The design is mine on a base pattern from Custom Fit. I wrote about Custom Fit recently and the program makes is so easy to take an idea in your head to reality! In this case I wanted a lace panel up the front and along the side seams and onto the shoulder.


I’ve never seen a set in sleeve pattern with lace along the outside edge of the shoulder.


But I fell in love with the design feature and plan to try it again in the future! It look a little more thinking ahead, but not that much.


The yarn color is Pocket Full of Posy from the supremely talented Ridgely at Astralbath and the base is Compass which is very similar to Madelinetosh Sock.

This sweater also gave me a chance to break into one of my Japanese stitch dictionaries! I’m not sure what the title is, but here is a photo of the cover. Japanese stitch dictionaries are great because they have photos and charts for all the stitch patterns!


Happy Anniversary babe!

7 thoughts on “So This Is Love Sweater

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  4. You are extremely talented! Tayloring and knitting a perfectly beautiful sweater to match. I am totally impressed! I tried knitting and couldnt get my fingers to going right. But, now I see my problem! I needed several beers 🍻 while I am knitting. Will have to try that!


  5. Sweater is very nice but your dress is absolutely gorgeous! wedding Dress?? You Look Stunning In It As Well… Also I Dont Know Why My Tablet Is Capitalizing Every Word… Sorty!


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