Cinderella Cardigan


      “Shiver and quiver, my little tree, Silver and gold throw down over me.”
    -Cinderella by the Grimm Brothers

At last a sweater has escaped my knitting needles. This was 10 months in the making and took far too long, but the results are pretty nice I think.

Cinderella is my favorite fairytale, so when one of my favorite yarn dyers, Astral Bath offered up a lavender dusted with grey called Cinderella, I knew I had to own it and put in a custom order. Silk blend bases only for this color and well worth it.

The yarn arrived quite true to the description, as if Cinderella has been hard at work in the ash, but what pattern would work well with the dark patches in the yarn? I dove into my Japanese stitch dictionaries and found a simple stitch pattern that reminded me of little specks or cinders.


I also knew I wanted to try patterning the sweater around the waist so I set out playing with the spacing of each dot and doing math to figure out how to get the spaces just right at the waist. Thankfully I have CustomFit to make the knitting pattern. I just had to apply the stitch pattern how I wanted.


Overall I’m happy with the finished product and I’m sure I will wear it a ton. The wool, silk, and cashmere blend is light enough for spring and also to ward off the summer office air conditioning. However it isn’t quite as perfect as I’d hoped and for a couple reasons.

For one my bust has shrunk over the last year by 2.5 inches. So the fit is a little bigger than I’d like up top.


The sweater is also just too long. The large bust, silk content, and pattern calculation errors joined forces against my desires. CustomFit makes great patterns, but there is also a bit of learning curve to modifying the patterns it creates. I know I like my sweaters to be about 13-14 inches from underarm to hem, but when I request that length in the software I get a cardigan that is 15-16 inches instead. This is not the software’s fault. If I were to button the cardigan the negative ease at bust and hip would bring up the length. However since I wear my cardigans open and now own a smaller bust this sweater isn’t what I hoped.

My next sweater is already on the needles and I’m exited to see if I’ve improved on the fit. Hopefully it takes me fewer than 10 months to complete!

Man Sweater!

Last week Amy Herzog released new capabilities for her Custom Fit knitting pattern software and I was lucky enough to beta test this fall!

The new features allow you to make patterns for men and children in addition to the women’s features already used heavily in my own knitting. I am thrilled with the sweater I knit for my husband. I’ve been promising him a boring grey sweater for four years. But part of what held me back from knitting it was the lack of pattern for the yarn he had selected.


Now that is no longer an issue!

It turned out so well. The ease they figure into the garment is very different than the ease for my own clothes. This is a straight silhouette sweater which means it has no shaping in the body. Perfect for my husband whose chest and hip measurement are the same. With an average fit it has about 4 inches of positive ease at both places.


My only negative is that I think the sleeves have too much ease, but I will say my husband thinks it is fine. So maybe just a preference. It is the kind of measurement easy to tweak in the software if desired.

The other bummer is my row gauge was different between my swatch and the sweater so the length of the finished object is too long. Wholly my fault.

Most importantly my husband really likes his new sweater and has been wearing it all the time as our weather has turned cool. See the wrinkles from keeping it in his car so he can access its warmth whenever he needs it! He even wore it to work so he sent me this action shot! Makes me happy to see the hours of work I put into knitting for him are so appreciated.


And yes it is a warm sweater. I originally planned to use Harrisville Shetland in the color Sea Mist. I purchased the yarn back when I was pregnant with Lu. But since I had to knit this sweater in less than a month there was no way I could bust out a fingering weight man sweater in that short a time. Instead we looked at yarns together and settled on Quince & Co. Chickadee in Kumlien’s Gull. Which I’m now thinking I hope I told him the sweater isn’t machine washable…

In other news, I have more to share! So I hope to post up a couple times before the end of the year. In the mean time I’ll get back to binging on the soundtrack to Hamilton. Thank you Emily for tuning me in! Now I’ll have to watch for the tour to hit LA!











So This Is Love Sweater

I’ve been finishing up a lot of lingering projects lately, but this is my favorite. My husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage in June, so I cast on a sweater the same color as my dress.


And I think you’ll agree the sweater is a fitting homage.


I had a lot of fun knitting it. This sweater went beer tasting on our vacation.


And to see a concert performed by a few hundred french horn players.


And for more beer. I guess you could say this sweater is brought to you by beer. But my husband is a home brewer and we went to Belgium on our honeymoon so bar knitting is fitting.


The design is mine on a base pattern from Custom Fit. I wrote about Custom Fit recently and the program makes is so easy to take an idea in your head to reality! In this case I wanted a lace panel up the front and along the side seams and onto the shoulder.


I’ve never seen a set in sleeve pattern with lace along the outside edge of the shoulder.


But I fell in love with the design feature and plan to try it again in the future! It look a little more thinking ahead, but not that much.


The yarn color is Pocket Full of Posy from the supremely talented Ridgely at Astralbath and the base is Compass which is very similar to Madelinetosh Sock.

This sweater also gave me a chance to break into one of my Japanese stitch dictionaries! I’m not sure what the title is, but here is a photo of the cover. Japanese stitch dictionaries are great because they have photos and charts for all the stitch patterns!


Happy Anniversary babe!

Cozy Sweater Replacement

Back in 2013 I had the pleasure of beta testing new software from the amazing and inspirational Amy Herzog. The software became a web based program called Custom Fit and it is a phenomenal tool for the intermediate to advanced knitter who is sick of having to write out their own sweater patterns. You input your measurements and your yarn information and poof! Your very own custom sweater pattern! This week after a depressingly long 9 month drought of finished sweaters I bound off my 9th Custom Fit sweater. (Sweaters 10, 11, and 12 are already in progress!)

One of the fun things Amy has started doing with Custom Fit is to have a collection called Basics. These are sweater patterns built into the Custom Fit site for really classic designs. This design is Reservoir: An Open Cardigan. It was started back in…March? Yep March. Just a couple weeks after the Basics collection went live. But then I lost my knitting mojo and took a break of sorts. But now with Fall coming soon-ish I am so happy to have something soft and warm ready to go. I love this sweater. I love it so very much. Nice enough to wear to the office, but casual enough to fit into my home life too.

It is knit with Wollmeise Merino DK in the color way Sabrina. WMDK as it is called is a 6 ply yarn that I would say is a pretty standard DK weight and is less prone to pilling than most other yarns I’ve used. It also comes in nice big skeins of 200g or 468 yards! Gotta long a sweater that takes less than 3 skeins and I’m so happy to own another two sweater quantities of this base.

To jazz it up a bit I took the lace design from Georgie Hallam’s kid sweater design Ferris Wheel. There is also an adult version called Summer Festival too. I have dreams of knitting Lu the kid version as a school sweater. We’ll see when I get to it. Sometimes my plan is faster than my abilities.

But for now I am just so happy to have cast off something! And such a lovely something too.

Have questions about sweater knitting with Custom Fit? I am always happy to answer!

Editing to add – I just realized the post title makes no sense! Replacement? What do you mean? Well back before Custom Fit I made a Calligraphy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig in WMDK and it is one of my most worn sweaters. But the fit is horrible. So Reservoir is mean to be a replacement for Calligraphy as my ‘can throw over anything’ sweater. Now here is a bonus photo from early 2013 with bonus not-quite-1-yet Lu and our dog Dottie waiting to snag a tasty morsel.