Gillian Wrap Dress

Looking through my Me Made May outfit for the month reminded me that I never did talk about my Gillian Wrap Dress from Muse Patterns, and that is a real shame!


I made it last June and I think I never posted about it because I had grand plans of getting John to take pictures while we were on vacation. But then the best picture I got was this one when we paid a visit to the Loopy Ewe. The fine breweries of Colorado might have distracted me.

But over the course of the last year I have worn this dress a ton in spite of the hem that loves flipping upwards.


So here is my Gillian Warp Dress Today! I’ve really come to love dresses that hug my curves more than hide them. Plus by converting this dress to a faux wrap it is a breeze to wear without worrying about tying the waist just right.


There are a couple fit issues such as this pooling at the back (and it rides up at the hem too).  So when I make it again I’ll be sure to cute it wider in the butt area. It is meant to be a little loose in the back, so I’m not going to worry about it.


I also remember being really bothered by the flab of extra fabric at the underarm, but it hasn’t ever bothered me when I actually wore the dress. I do wear it safety pinned at the bust, but that is more of a preventative measure!

Oh and the fabric is this Art Gallery knit I bought at Hawthorne Threads. Can’t believe they still have it in stock! They make really nice jersey, though since it is navy printed on white the color didn’t stay as deep as I’d hoped.

In the end I’m so happy to be wearing this lovely wrap dress again this spring and hopefully some day I’ll get around to tackling it again!


4 thoughts on “Gillian Wrap Dress

  1. I bought this pattern but I haven’t sewn it up yet. I was a bit concerned about it being low cut and I wanted a mock wrap to avoid any “wardrobe malfunction.”. I may have ideas to fix the curling hem and poof in back. The hem will lie flat if it’s top stitched with at least two rows of stitching – either a twin needle or with parallel rows. For the back poof, you can sew in a few inches of elastic, stretching as you sew a bit to pull things in.


    • Hi! Thank you! The wrap stays very securely on this dress as a mock wrap. Way better than any other wrap top I own. It is cut nice and high. And thank you for the tips! I’ve gotten a lot better at sewing knits since I made this, but those flipping hems still get me.


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