Closet Clear Out – Summer 2017

With the change in the seasons it was time to clean out my closet and say “Goodbye!” to the clothing that no longer made me happy. Some were duds, but others had just plain worn out.

First up is this hounds tooth dress from October 2016. There is nothing wrong with it. The fit is good, but there is just too much of the pattern. For now the dress goes back to my fabric stash to become something else. Maybe I’ll just lower the neckline and shorten it. I might even have some scraps leftover and it will become kids clothes. No matter the outcome, this fabric is likely to get used since it is in great shape.


This summer dress was barely worn since last August. It is perfect for the weekend, but sadly the last time it was worn (Saturday) I discovered the fabric has a hole. Maybe I’ll save this for kids clothes too since the colors are so fun.


Next is the blouse I made last May in hopes of finding something that would look nice tucked in. However it felt like I was wearing a scrub shirt so it had to go.


And now here are some favorites that were just plain tired. This wrap dress is one of the first knit items I ever made for myself. It looks great, but the fabric looks sad. Art Gallery Knits are awesome to work with, but the darker colors look worn out really quickly because the back of the fabric is white. Every time you wash the jersey a little more white fuzz collects on the dark print. Boo.


Next is another navy printed jersey dress from March 2016 that suffered the same problem. This time it is Robert Kaufman jersey, but I was more forgiving for the navy and green print since I bought it for a whole $3 a yard at an over stock store. Plus I cut a hole in the fabric when I was sewing it together. Now that I own more clothes I can allow myself to get rid of this. But gosh I love this dress.


And last up is the kitty dress from December 2015. I’m really sad to see it go, but the fabric looks just awful. So many pills. So many. This knit came from Andover Fabrics and I’m super disappointed it wore so poorly. I’d hoped to keep on wearing it for a long time, but no such luck.


On the plus side, now there is room for shiny new wardrobe items that will be made with my current skill set and taste level! Not all bad even if it is hard to say goodbye to the some favorite makes.

2 thoughts on “Closet Clear Out – Summer 2017

  1. It always makes me cry having to toss/donate clothes that I’ve made. Because I”m not just throwing away some random garment…I’m also tossing all of the time and effort went into making it. It’s harder when it’s something you put part of yourself into!

    I’m working up the nerve to toss an entire box of carnation pink fabric. I realized I hate the color and I only have boys so it should go….but it’s so hard!

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    • I bet someone would love the pink fabric. Sometimes I send things I can’t use to my daughter school for art projects. I don’t mind tossing things that have been well worn, but I am sad then project don’t turn out as well as I’d hoped.


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