In the beginning

Last year I got bit by the quilting bug. Hard. Call it a crazy pregnancy thing as I decided to take up quilting when I went to visit the Purl Soho warehouse in Orange County, California. I found a package of 90 fat quarters in rainbow shades and just had to buy it to make a quilt for my then unborn second child. Problem was…I didn’t actually know how to make a quilt. But, no worries! I’d figure it out.

And then the fabric sat. And sat. And sat just waiting for me to you know…get started. So when I went on maternity leave last October I finally got around to starting the quilt. The blocks went together quickly and easily.


I went and bought backing fabric and notions.


And then it sat around until a couple of weeks ago when I finally did the hand quilting. Having a 2 year old and a newborn will delay craft plans sometimes.


But the finished quilt is so very pretty and worth the delay in getting it all sew together. I think not bad for a first try.


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