Chrysler Cutie

This week I stumbled onto this tutorial for making nightgowns. My daughter is a girly girl who loves dresses, so I decided to give this tutorial a try. I’m really pleased with how this turned out.


First I took a cheap t-shirt I picked up at Target. I could have used a shirt we already own, but since my daughter rarely wears t-shirts we didn’t have any on hand. Then I took some fabric from my stash (teeny tiny Chrysler buildings) and cut a piece 44 inches wide by 18 inches long. From there I tried to follow the tutorial, but I didn’t feel like pulling down my serger. So instead I ironed on a thin line of interfacing along the cut edge of the t-shirt to stabilize the knit then stitched with zigag stitch on my regular machine. It worked perfectly.


At first my daughter didn’t like it. I was sad because I thought it was so darling! I contemplated slapping something pink on it, but I’m glad I held off because tonight she asked to wear it to bed. So cute!


I have supplies for two more and I can’t wait to sew them up.

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