Doll Quilt

When I went to the quilt store to buy notions for the Rainbow Quilt I couldn’t help but also buy notions to make a doll sized quilt for the big sister.

Same fat quarter set and block pattern, but a little different look.

IMG_0719 IMG_0780

I love this little quilt. It was so sweet to put together and a great way to practice before I tackled the larger quilt.


I put it away intending for it to be a Christmas gift, but then my older daughter received too many things and I knew this would get lost in the shuffle. So I held onto it until last week.


Its now a wrinkled mess, but so so loved as my older girl insists on using it as a blanket even if it is much much too small for that purpose.

And so here is the pair. My first quilts that have started an obsession.


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