Kids Clothes Week: Day 2!

Dinner time, bath time, nurse the baby, and do the dishes. A mother’s work never seems to be done, but tonight I carved out my sewing hour again. I made good progress on my girls’ outfits! Bodices are ready to be attached to the skirts. I made could have kept going tonight, but I want to add navy piping between the bodices and skirts. I need to be more rested to tackle piping!


I think they are off to a good start. And it is nice to make clothes with just plain quilting cotton. I’ve been using other types of cotton fabrics lately and quilting cotton is just so much easier to work with.

I’m exceedingly pleased with the the way the backs of the skirts meet.


However the back of the viewfinder bodice was not as orderly. Of well. Tomorrow I tackle piping, hemming, and buttonholes.


kid's clothes week

Kids Clothes Week: Day 1!

And so it begins. Today is day 1 of Kids Clothes Week and I am joining the challenge to take an hour a day to sew for my kids.

kid's clothes week

Step 1: Get your dog to get off of the fabric.


I have some good fabrics to pick from, but I only had a couple choices washed and ready to go, so I picked a couple prints from the Cotton + Steel Playful collection. Did you know the jacks fabric has a border? I did not, but now that I do it will be at the hem of DD1’s dress.


Tonight I was able to get DD1’s dress and DD2’s tunic cut out. Tomorrow I’ll start doing the sewing!


Back to Work!

As I mentioned in the last post I have headed back to work full time. I cannot believe it has been 4 weeks already! I’ve sewn up 3 dresses and 3 skirts so far with plans for a few more as summer comes closer. I’ve share the first already, but here are a few more things I whipped up.

Double gauze is amazing. I bought a dress quantity of Cotton + Steel Bespoke double gauze because I was intrigued by how much people seems to love wearing this fabric. And while it was a bit difficult to sew due to the easily frayed edges and its ability to stretch along the curves, wearing my finished dress is like wearing pajamas to work. Two thumbs up. I picked this up from Westwood Acres which usually only has pre-cuts, but sometimes has yardage available too. It’s a very nice shop to order from as things ship quickly and the prices are very competitive with other small fabric businesses.


And maybe it isn’t the most flattering dress I’ve ever made, but the Sewaholic Yaletown dress pattern was dead simple to make and the fit of the bodice is easy to fit with the amount of ease built into the pattern. Plus the cross front makes it very easy to breastfeed when I’m home or pump while I’m at work.

It also fit in easily with shoes and sweaters I already owned which is a big plus when you’re having to buy or make an entire new wardrobe. I snapped this picture when I was in the office this last week. Now I’m trying to decide if I have enough time to make a sleeveless spring version in time for Easter next week.


Next up is a simple dirndl skirt I made with a print from Zoe Ingram for Robert Kaufman in the line Carried Away. It was a total impulse purchase from my local quilt shop and I also have some yardage of the feathers. But honestly I don’t like this skirt and I’ve never worn it aside from these pictures. I think I’ll cut it apart to make summer clothes for one of my daughters. Two yards is plenty for a skirt of dress for littles.


Lastly I made a skirt using Sewaholic’s Hollyburn Skirt. And I’d like to say a big thank you to Sewaholic for printing patterns made for women with more of a pear shape. I was able to cut one size and have it fit right out of the envelope!

IMG_2062 IMG_2064


I ironed this skirt that morning. Probably less than 20 minutes before these photos were taken, but it’s made from linen. Gloriously light and easy to wear but always wrinkled linen. And I have two small children who need lots of help doing everything. It is what it is. I’ve already made two of this pattern, so it’s on the back burner for now, but I’ll pull it back out eventually because it was so great to sew together.

And that is all for now. I’ve continued to sew up a storm so next time I should have at least one quilt to share and more clothing as well.

Thank you for reading along!

Finally a Win!

As I mentioned in my last post, figuring out how to fit my body right now has been a little tough. Thankfully I made something that looks good!

This is the Tiramisu pattern from Cake. I recommend it. I highly recommend it.


I’ve never sewn with knits before, but the directions in this pattern are very clear and it came together in a snap. Less than 3 hours total including cutting out the pieces. And the best part is the pattern includes directions on picking the best size. My upper bust is 35 inches, so I picked the size 35 for the top. Then is has sizing for different cup sizes. So I cut out a 35D to accommodate my 34G size bust. Then you pick a waist size for the lower half. So for my 35.5 inch waist I cut out a size 37.5. I wanted to go big on purpose because I do not want to wear anything clingy right now.


I should have just gone with a size 35 for the whole dress. As you can see from the photo on the left, the waist band is too big and too long. But that was a very easy fix. I reattached the skirt one inch higher and took in the waist and skirt by about 1 inch. Next time I’ll also make the bodice a touch longer, but otherwise I can just cut a size 35 and that is an amazing feeling.

I love this dress and it’s the first time my top hasn’t been gaping open in months.


Finding the Right Fit

I haven’t had a lot to show this week. Most of my sewing efforts look like this.

IMG_1616That’s my stack of completely horrible muslins trying to make myself some clothing that actually fits. I was using Kwik Sew 3682 as a base because it is the type of style I’d wear a lot, but the fit is all wrong. My bust alterations came out well, but the shoulders not so much. So moving onto something else.

Trying to fit a post baby body can be really really hard.

Try and Try Again

This week I feel like nothing is going quite right. Our three month old has only been taking cat naps, so I haven’t had much time to work on my projects. My Story Time Sampler hasn’t made much progress. I tried to make a dress to fit my postpartum shape and it was a miserable fail (more on that later). But I did get this beautiful quilt top pinned into its batting/backing sandwich today so tomorrow I can start quilting it all together…if I can pick a pattern.


I’m feeling so indecisive. Anyone have a suggestion? Part of me wants to hand quilt it, but I think I would lose steam quickly. So I will most likely machine quilt it. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up inspired.

Moral of this story…not every project turns out perfectly the first time and not everything has to be made quickly.

Chrysler Cutie

This week I stumbled onto this tutorial for making nightgowns. My daughter is a girly girl who loves dresses, so I decided to give this tutorial a try. I’m really pleased with how this turned out.


First I took a cheap t-shirt I picked up at Target. I could have used a shirt we already own, but since my daughter rarely wears t-shirts we didn’t have any on hand. Then I took some fabric from my stash (teeny tiny Chrysler buildings) and cut a piece 44 inches wide by 18 inches long. From there I tried to follow the tutorial, but I didn’t feel like pulling down my serger. So instead I ironed on a thin line of interfacing along the cut edge of the t-shirt to stabilize the knit then stitched with zigag stitch on my regular machine. It worked perfectly.


At first my daughter didn’t like it. I was sad because I thought it was so darling! I contemplated slapping something pink on it, but I’m glad I held off because tonight she asked to wear it to bed. So cute!


I have supplies for two more and I can’t wait to sew them up.