Clothing Sisters

So confession time. My favorite part of having two girls…matching outfits. It is soooooo about the matching outfits when your girls are young and the parent is still mostly selecting their clothes. I live for holidays. My husband is not a huge fan of putting our girls in perfectly matching outfits, so we reached a compromise. Coordinating outfits.

For Christmas they had coordinating sparkling dresses I knitted. (This is seriously the best picture I have.)


So as Easter approached I started searching for the best pattern and the best fabric to use. Ultimately I landed on the pattern Geranium Dress by Rae Hoekstra. If you’ve read pretty much any blog that features little girl’s clothing you have seen this pattern before. I’d say for good reason, because is it dead simple to make, classic, and easy to modify.



For the fabric I settled on two prints from Nest by Free Spirit Fabric. The fabric is so lovely. Soft, easy to work with, and washed really really well.



I did the ruffle trim on the sleeves for both, but DD1 has a dress and DD2 has a tunic. She’ll be trying to crawl soon and I know dresses are much less practical for that stage of baby-hood. Both outfits are fully lined. DD2’s tunic was pair with Rae’s pattern Big Butt Baby Pants that I shortened to bloomers. They’re trimmed with some sweet lace I purchased at a rummage sales more than a decade ago.

IMG_2286 IMG_2304

Sadly I have no photos of both dresses together. DD1 was recovering from a stomach bug and DD2 only has short windows of time when she is willing to be photographed. Oh well. There’s always the next holiday.

Anyways, I really loved making these outfits. I love it a whole lot and seeing these photos is making me even more excited for the start of Kids Clothes Week! I wonder how many things I can crank out in 7 days? I’m hoping at least one school dress for DD1 and one more tunic/bloomer set for DD2.

Sugar Plum Baby

The moment I saw the Sugar Plum Cardigan by Jennifer Beaumont, I knew I wanted to make one for one of my girls. It is the cutest little sweater design. But it meant steeking. Eek! And stranded color work too. Something I hadn’t attempted in 4 years (and it didn’t go all that well).


But it was a fun challenge and attempting a new-ish technique on a size 3 month garment is certainly a lot easier than on an adult garment. This little sweater was made with Cascade 220 Superwash in the colors baby denim, berry pink, and blue velvet. The pattern is worked top down with set in sleeves. I wouldn’t say it was an easy pattern because not only is there steeking and color work, but you are also instructed to work the pixelated patterning while shaping the shoulders, sleeves, and neckline. But the end product is completely worth it and Jennifer’s instructions are perfectly clear. She has such a great sense of color that I encourage you to check out her designs!


Darling daughter #2 will be 3 months old on Thursday. I was supposed to go back to work today, but I am thankful I am able to stay home with her an extra 5 weeks. So hopefully I will have time to make her more pretty things.

Doll Quilt

When I went to the quilt store to buy notions for the Rainbow Quilt I couldn’t help but also buy notions to make a doll sized quilt for the big sister.

Same fat quarter set and block pattern, but a little different look.

IMG_0719 IMG_0780

I love this little quilt. It was so sweet to put together and a great way to practice before I tackled the larger quilt.


I put it away intending for it to be a Christmas gift, but then my older daughter received too many things and I knew this would get lost in the shuffle. So I held onto it until last week.


Its now a wrinkled mess, but so so loved as my older girl insists on using it as a blanket even if it is much much too small for that purpose.

And so here is the pair. My first quilts that have started an obsession.


In the beginning

Last year I got bit by the quilting bug. Hard. Call it a crazy pregnancy thing as I decided to take up quilting when I went to visit the Purl Soho warehouse in Orange County, California. I found a package of 90 fat quarters in rainbow shades and just had to buy it to make a quilt for my then unborn second child. Problem was…I didn’t actually know how to make a quilt. But, no worries! I’d figure it out.

And then the fabric sat. And sat. And sat just waiting for me to you know…get started. So when I went on maternity leave last October I finally got around to starting the quilt. The blocks went together quickly and easily.


I went and bought backing fabric and notions.


And then it sat around until a couple of weeks ago when I finally did the hand quilting. Having a 2 year old and a newborn will delay craft plans sometimes.


But the finished quilt is so very pretty and worth the delay in getting it all sew together. I think not bad for a first try.