Sewcialists Tribute Month – The Project!

Yay! I managed to fit in another project this month! I surprised the hell out of myself by knocking out one more thing this afternoon. To be fair it was more of an alteration, but I think it counts just the same.

Last month I posted my plan for the Sewcialist‘s tribute month. To summarize, I’m paying tribute to Mrs. Mole from Fit for a Queen by altering a much too small skirt to fit my current figure. Like, the skirt was 7-8 inches too small in the waist. Whoops!


Success!!!!! This turned out to be a really simple and fun project.


First I took the old waist band off very very carefully as the silk is so thin the seam ripper could easily slice right through. Then I folded the skirt in quarters and turned to my trusted copy of Patternmaking for Fashion Design to find out the waist radius for my current waist size. A quick snip to enlarge the waist and I was on my way.


The next step was to insert a side zipper. The original dress had a front waistband that wrapped around the back and hooked, then a separate back waistband wrapped to the front and tied. There were 5 inch openings on each side to allowed room to pull the skirt on. I closed one of the side openings and enlarged the other to make room for a zipper. I used an invisible zip because that’s what I had on had, but a lapped zipper also would have worked well.


I discarded the original front waistband that hooked because it was too short to reuse and stabilized with a material that would have been hard to find today. The back waistband/tie was gloriously long! I picked up some purple silk organza at The Fabric Store (the same outing as my previous LACMA excursion) and inserted a double wide length into the new waistband to stabilize the original silk. Lucky me, the silk pressed like a dream and the original 60 year old creases made sewing the new waistband to the skirt very very easy. It was shocking how nicely those creases agreed with the alteration process. I hand stitched the waistband down on the inside and now all the raw edges are completely inclosed.


The only problem is figuring out where I can wear a hand-painted Mexican silk skirt with piggy banks. Church? Date night? Work? Back to School Night? It is totally fabulous and feels wonderful in this summer heat, but it is a lot of look if you know what I mean. And should I stick with the white blouse? I’m kind of tempted to whip up something in hot pink or teal instead. A simple Cashmerette Springfield might work without overwhelming the beauty of the skirt. Anyone want to throw out an opinion? In the meantime I’ll keep playing dress up and spinning around my yard.


6 thoughts on “Sewcialists Tribute Month – The Project!

  1. Wow what a great project! The skirt is blow my mind away gorgeous and you did a fantastic job with the alterations!!! I always find it so much harder to motivate myself to alter an existing garment to fit my body and life than dreaming up a new one – but what a satisfaction when you have perfected something that was a niggle in the back of your mind before… You look amazing in it and I hope that you don’t hesitate to wear this often in the next weeks! It IS a but of a hero garment but I think it would go to church or work with the white blouse and then for date night or a garden party something with color? Love!


  2. I like it! So swirly. Do you have a sweater or top in the colors you are thinking of so you can see if it’s too much? Or maybe stay with the white blouse and plan to pair with one of your sweaters for wearing in the evening.


  3. Best. Twirl. Video. Ever.

    Alterations are usually easier than we first think, but that still doesn’t make me get at them any quicker. I think this one would’ve sat in my to-do pile forEVER. Well done for you, and now you have a wearable, beautiful skirt!!


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