This is a kid who is ready to take on the world!

We’ve had a busy start to the school year, but I did manage to make Lu a new sweater in time for her first day as a Superstar at preschool. This is her 3rd and final year at her school and she’s certainly one of the big kids now.


She’s also spent all summer growing taller and taller. I’m pretty sure she’s 75% legs now. When I went to pull out her uniforms I found none of her sweaters were long enough anymore.

So I turned to my Ravelry library and found I had Georgie Nicolsen’s Feris Wheel pattern. Plus I had some Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in Red to match her dress code.


The sweater came together really well and clearly Lu likes it. Georgie’s patterns are nice to knit because they are written where you pick a width and height. I picked the 20 inch chest and size 4 length. What can I say, the girl is tall and slender! The only thing I wish is I’d added more increases to the front. The sweater isn’t meant to be worn closed (despite the buttons), but Lu tries to pull it closed anyways.


Silly Lu. She just doesn’t ever stop moving! But she’s been off to a good start for the school year and hopefully we’ll get more cool weather soon so Lu can continue to wear her new favorite sweater.



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