First Anniversary!

I’ve officially been blogging for one whole year! Many thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read about my sewing and knitting projects!

To celebrate I’d like to ask you these questions so I have a better idea of what you like seeing most.

What is your favorite post?

Anything topic you’d like to see more? 

My sister in law is raising money for Global First Responder as part of her journey to running the Boston Marathon. I’ll donate $1 to her campaign for every comment on this post through February 9th*. Hope you’ll considering commenting for a cause and thank you for reading this far!

(*or until I hit my budget.)

17 thoughts on “First Anniversary!

  1. Happy blog anniversary, Jessica! Personally, I’ve loved all of your Washington dress hacks. They’ve been so inspirational for taking that fabulous bodice even farther. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you, this year!


  2. It is reassuring to get to see your work when I can’t see you. You are lovely and your work is beautiful.

    I hope this year unlocks new creativity and inspiration.


  3. I like reading about alterations you make to patterns (sewing or knitting) and different solutions you’ve found to various fit problems. Love to hear nitty-gritty technical details, and you’re so good at looking critically at how something could be improved, and then actually improving it. Happy blogiversary!


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