Flower Girls

I can’t believe my sister’s wedding took place 2 months ago! Time moves so quickly and we’ve had many milestones in our family this summer as the girls move from on from their current schools to new programs.

I made the girls some pretty sweet dresses for the wedding and by now they’ve been worn on nearly a weekly basis. Gosh it is nice to see Lu and Charlie love something I’ve made them! So here is a little look at the unicorn and mermaid flower girl dresses.

For the actual wedding ceremony we all wore petticoats. The girls had poofy white versions and I added tie on gold glitter tulle overskirts. Hilariously Charlie’s petticoat was stiffer than Lu’s and Charlie’s petticoat actually stuck straight out when the over skirt wasn’t in place. Both girls had a marvelous time dancing and spinning and admiring the fluff.

Charlie is especially taken with twirly dresses right now. Everything must be pink and she declares “Mommy, I feel pretty!”. It is very sweet even if it makes dressing her each morning slightly more challenging. Lu was also a fan of dresses at 2 years old, but wasn’t quite so picky about sparkles and tulle and twirl factor.

Both girls’ dresses were made with Oliver + S’s Fairy Tale Dress pattern only with a circle skirt instead of a gathered skirt. It’s a pattern I’ve used with success twice before and suited the event perfectly. The only negative comment about the pattern is the sleeves are fiddly. Where the tulip sleeves overlap there is 4 layers of fabric in the sleeves plus gathers and that is a lot of fabric to fit into a size 18 month armscye.


I used quilting cotton from Sarah Jane for both dresses. My sister prefers gold over silver and the Magic line of fabrics all have shiny gold over parts of the design. I picked the prints and colors based on what was available at the time. Buying fabric in the middle of Easter dress season was a big mistake. I should have thought ahead more, but I was stuck without an idea until too close to the wedding date. Oh well! It worked out.


And as I mentioned, the girls love these dresses and wear them really frequently. In fact Lu wore hers to camp and was the fanciest kid in the group. I’m just glad to see the dresses worn and loved. I really try not to make anything too precious for everyday wear.


I think it would would shock some to see kids go straight from church to chocolate shake, but I can’t be fussed to make good clothes and play clothes when Lu is growing so tall and Charlie wants to be just like her big sister.  Plus starting this fall they’ll both be in uniforms and I want their mom made pretties to get worn before they are too small.

Easter 2016 – Part 2 – The Kids!


Nothing says Easter like the blur of children as they run around excited by the thought of the Easter Bunny and candy and eggs and toys!

And getting them to both sit still and look at the camera? Hahahahaha Nope.

And gosh darn it, why is the best picture also the one with our neighbor’s trash cans in the background?


But regardless Easter 2016 is behind us and frankly I’m glad of it. I got hit with a sinus infection of doom on top of having bruised my tailbone so I ended up skipping all the festivities and staying home while my husband took the girls to Easter dinner. Oh well.

The more important part is the girls looks so darned cute in their Easter dresses!

11143352_10205756948795292_2166851377511156391_o (1)IMG_5902

Lu was so darling in her Lily Dress from Green Bee Patterns. I feel like this is the first time I made her more of a big girl dress instead of a baby design and it shows. Hello my long legged girl! She’s gotten so tall!

The pattern itself was some what annoying so I’ll do a separate post as a pattern review, but the end result was quite nice on her. I am very pleased.

Charlie is a girl on the move! She was just thrilled to sit at her grandparents house and eat cheese and crackers and hunt for Easter eggs.

For her dress I made McCalls 6913 and OMG I loved it so much. This is the 1 year old size and it was still quite large (Charlie is just now out growing 9 month clothing), but that means she should be able to wear it all summer. The pattern didn’t include a diaper cover, so I grabbed one from another baby pattern. Didn’t end up showing, but oh well!

The fabric from both dresses is from the Sommer collection by Sarah Jane and trimmed with some Free Spirit Voile in this bright melon color. I just loved the way these are Easter dresses, but the bunnies are a small fun little surprise so these can be worn all spring and summer.

And now onto some other sewing. I’m not really sure what to do next. I have fabric for a couple skirts and I have some quilting to do, but for right now I think I’m happy to knit and relax while I recover from being ill.




Birthday Girl!


My older daughter Lu turned 4 years old last week! Hard to believe these past 4 years have gone my so quickly, but here she is all tall and gangly and full of opinions.

And of course the birthday girl needed a new dress!


I’d had my eye on this fabric from Sarah Jane for about 2 years, but this was the first time I really saw it becoming a dress. Oh yes, a Fairy Tale Dress from Oliver + S. So classic! And perfect to use with a border print. Then I topped it all off with some sweet pink voile and tulle I found at my local quilt shop. What girly girl has resist a poofy skirt?


My husband is so good at making bows! Clearly the birthday girl loved it.

But I couldn’t only make something for Lu. A few days before the party I decided to make the little one her own spring dress!


This is the trusty Geranium Dress pattern. At this point I can make one from printing the pattern to sewing on buttons in about a hour. I just don’t get sick of this pattern.


And I had some sweet little vintage duck buttons that work perfectly with Ann Kelle’s cute fabrics.

So pleased to be able to make something springy for the girls! Next up, Easter Dresses!