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Once upon a time before I had two beautiful girls I would wear 1950s inspired dresses all the time. The fit and flare silhouette really suits my pear shape figure and so it was pretty easy to make dresses in that style and have them turn out well every time! Who doesn’t love a good swishy skirt?


Lately I’ve felt the desire to return to my sewing roots and give the mid-century retro look another try. Dresses and skirts from the 1930s to the early 1960s are fantastic and feminine and everything I love in clothes.

So today I’m here to share a new version of the Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt. It’s a favorite of sewing bloggers and I can see why! In fact I saw a vintage pattern that looked exactly like this pattern somewhere on the internet this week, but of course no I can’t think where. The fact that is it drafted for a pear shape is even better.

Edit: YES! I figured it out. I saw it on Tanya’s Instagram feed! It looks exactly like Marian Martin pattern 9488. I was only able to find one blog post with a good write up of the pattern. Looking at the pattern pieces, this is nearly identical to the Hollyburn.


This version is a straight forward version B with the tabs at the waist and a knee length in a size 16. No alterations at all. I made a couple of these last summer too, but in the shorter length and I don’t like them as much. The longer length suits my life a little better.


YAY! No sway back adjustment needed!

The fabric is the only fabric I buy at JoAnn’s on a regular basis. It’s their Linen Look in navy. A cotton and rayon blend that wrinkles like crazy, but it easy to work with and particularly easy to wear in our hot hot summers. Plus it is almost always on sale.


Added bonus, the skirt looks perfect with my t-shirt from Mischief Made Me!* I’ve wanted to wear this shirt ever since I received it, but had no bottoms that coordinated. So happy to be able to wear my mermaids now that the weather is warm!

Now for your bonus mommy daughter matching outfit pictures including this week’s dance pose with Lu.



I also bought yardage of 7oz 100% cotton dark denim. Trying to decide if I should do another Hollyburn or something different. Sound off if you have an opinion!


* I’m related to the owner of Mischief Made Me so she graciously gifted me this shirt. I love it though and would have happily bought it myself if she’d accept my money. This is an XL size and my bust is about 42 inches. Matching kids shirt is here.

9 thoughts on “Return to Retro

  1. Love the matching outfits! I’ve not tried the Hollyburn yet but I am tempted now after looking at the fit on you – especially as there was no sway back adjustment needed!


  2. Three things. One, this skirt is amazing- I really need to make one for my Friday night swing dance. Two, that t-shirt is amazing, I’m kind of obsessed with mermaids and three, where the heck did you get those shoes?! Xx


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  4. I have to say honestly you look more of an hourglass figure than pear shape. Pear shape to me seems to be tiny on top and bigger, out of proportion on bottom, with not much of a waist. You got nice lady curves!

    Love the outfit. I’d love to make a skirt like this! I’ve been feeling less than confidant wearing anything with a waist after having my 6th baby my body is definitely not where I want it to be 😦

    Love the shoes too!


    • Thank you! I’m maybe not a pear anymore, but I certainly was in my younger days when I had a smaller bust and a bigger waist to hip ratio. Sometimes it hard to break out of how you view yourself. And congratulations on baby 6! It is so much harder to dress post baby, so I sympathize.

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