Birthday Quilt

Oh hi! I didn’t mean to disappear for 2 weeks. I went back to work on March 2nd full time, and then DD1 had her birthday the very same week and my life went a little crazy. But I’ve been hard at work with many things. I still have some clothing items for me to share, but in the mean time I bring you a quilt made for my pretty little birthday girl on her 3rd birthday.

Lu's Third Birthday

As you might remember from my Quilt Layout post I’d been struggling with how to fit together all the little triangles I’d cut out. I could never get things to line up in a perfect way. I took it to a vote with some of my crafting friends and they overwhelming voted for a more random placement.

Princess Quilt 2I tried to finish it for her actual birthday so she could take it to school, but I was too busy making 3 dozen cupcakes. So she opened it on her birthday party instead. And then at her party it was the very last gift opened and the immediately threw it aside so she could play with her new tea set and doctor kit and OMG Mulan doll instead.

Princess Quilt 5But that’s okay because the next day when she went to school her snuggly blanket went with her and my heart filled at the thought that her momma’s love was wrapping her up tight while she’s away from me during the day. That kid. She’s a cute one.

Princess Quilt 4

This quilt was made with fabric from the Princess Life line by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman. Such cute fabric, but a little hard to pick a pattern that actually showed off so many larger scale prints. I hate needing to decapitate princesses to make the blocks. The backing is some minky leftover from making the Fairies Quilt. Both came from the fabulous Hawthorne Threads. I have to admit I often look there before any other online shops because they have such a large selection and usually have things available by the yard as well.

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