Loominous Upton!

Was there anyone more excited about Cashmerette’s new pattern, the Upton Dress? Probably not. I was stoked. The Appleton and Washington (hacked) have become wardrobe staples for me so I was thrilled to see her come out with a woven pattern. I have had such trouble getting dress bodices to fit lately that I thought surely this was my ticket to the perfect fit.

And the end result is not quite there. Over the Memorial Day weekend I made up my first version using the same size as my previous Cashmerette patterns and it is too big. Womp womp.


This is a size 14G graded out to a 16 for the waist and hips. Looking at the back of the envelope I’d been worried the dress would be too tight if I made the size 12G, but I should have just followed directions!

Even with adding additional darts to the back neckline there is too much fabric. The neckline is too wide! Just really too much fabric everywhere. But before moving on can we talk about the paid matching. I matched the shit out of that plaid and this is the best invisible zipper installation ever.


I like the way this dress looks so much better with the extra fabric pinched out so I suppose I’ll suck it up and unpick the lining so I can take it in at the side seams. I couldn’t face it last night but it is much needed to make this a more wearable dress. Didn’t stop me from wearing it to work today anyways!


I switched out the neckline for a square neck since it suited the plaid fabric. Also bias cut the waistband because 1) I like it and 2) the plaid on the fabric wasn’t symmetrical. A bias waistband helps masked the non-matching plaid pattern down the center front. I also didn’t have enough fabric to make the full skirt with 5 pleats each front and back. For 45″ fabric the pattern has you cut out 4 skirt panels then seam the center front. I didn’t want one more spot to match the plaid, so I omitted the outermost pleats to get the skirt to fit across 45″ wide fabric and still have a very successful skirt.

With a cardigan this dress is 100% win! But next time I will for sure cut one size smaller and I’ll alter this one once I can face the seam ripper. I still have hope that the Upton will be really successful for me! In the meantime I’m going to bask in the knowledge that I am an ace plaid pattern matcher and how much I love where I placed the color bands of fabric to suit my shape.

11 thoughts on “Loominous Upton!

  1. Awesome job! I was messing around with this pattern yesterday too and will make a whole dress once I get that lower bust dart to stop hating me.


  2. How much fabric did you have? I always wonder how much extra is needed for matching plaids or other patterns. This is really inspiring though. I love everything about this!


    • I want to say I had 4 yards and it shrank up a bit in the wash. I was really not certain I would have enough for plaid matching and only did because I went a bit rogue on the skirt. And thank you!


  3. It’s too bad you need to size it back down a bit. But HOLY COW you are so brave for attempting a plaid. I just don’t have that bravery yet. You did an IMPECCABLE job matching it. Quite impressive!


    • Thank you Jill! Plaid matching can go smoothly if you can focus. I must admit I was in a “no talking to mommy” zone when trying to figure it all out! I encourage you to try a plaid some day. This was a good pattern for it since it’s sleeveless.


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