Podcast Review – Seamwork Radio

There is a new podcast in town and it is well worth a listen.

Today Seamwork Radio released their first episode A Radical Change in Confidence with Jenny Rushmore. It was so nice I listened twice. I think you might enjoy a listen too.

Prior to today I’d only heard of Jenny Rushmore through the Curvy Sewing Collectivea site that is full of pattern reviews, tutorials, and other posts all related to sewing for the curvy figure. I admit, I do not look at her projects terribly often because we have opposite shapes. But her interview at Seamwork today was amazing.

I think nearly everyone can relate to feeling ostracized and I admire Jenny for taking control of her life and persevering to learn to sew. She also acknowledges the ups and downs of being an active member of social media, such as internet trolls/bullies (Ugh! !Aready been the target myself!).

So run, don’t walk over to Seamwork Radio and give it a listen! I’d love to hear your take on the episode and if you loved listening as much as I did.

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